Eva (crimsontriforce) wrote in ghosttrick,

Genderbent Cabanela & Jowd cosplay photoshoot

Delurking after some months of hoping for a massive wave of Cabanela fanworks... hello everyone!
My friend and I went as femCabanela and femJowd at Italy's major comic convention two weeks ago. I posted the photoshoot on my LJ and, well, I hope that the fun we had while taking those pics somehow stuck to the images themselves :) Lots of silliness, sunglasses and Smurfs!
A simple preview...
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( ...and the mandatory fake cut! )

(I apologize to anyone who's seen it on Tumblr already, I'm always slow with crossposting.  Also horrible at formatting stuff on Tumblr. I'll be back in my corner hoping for more Jowd and Cabanela in any form... *sniffle* Yomiel's great too and Sissel's my favourite, but y'know, diversity XD)
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