The Mysterious Wandering Knight, Knightblazer (tasogareika) wrote in ghosttrick,
The Mysterious Wandering Knight, Knightblazer

crossover plot bunnies, got to love them

Title : think how many paths circles cross
Fandom : Ghost Trick/Good Omens (yeah, you read that right)
Rating : PG
Characters/Pairing : Aziraphale, Crowley, Yomiel, Sissel and a cameo from DEATH. Mentions of Jowd and the other Sissel, plus Atropos just because I could since this crossover is already whacked up as it is.
Warning : Spoilers for the end of Ghost Trick and Good Omens
Notes : I really have no idea what this is. Anyhow, title was taken from 31_days, with the prompt for June 6th 2011.

(That had been the last thing anybody expected.)
Tags: fanfiction
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